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Safer Internet Day: Technology in the home


Technology, without a doubt, started as a business tool which was hardly seen in our homes. But in recent times, homes are beginning to adopt its use after realizing the impact it has had on business growth over the past few years.

People have begun to acquire devices and install IT systems such as the Internet, which helps them to connect with families, friends and colleagues with ease and convenience.

You may also want to get these technologies in your home, and probably for your kids to aid their learning and get them up to date with the advancements. How you control the use of these technologies is a very critical subject for discussion; especially the internet, as it connects you to the rest of the world.

On the 7th of February every year, the world marks this day as a 'Safer Internet Day' with the aim of creating awareness of the internet and its dangers to mankind. The theme for this year's campaign is, Be the change: Unite for a better internet. This calls on everyone to play a role in making the internet a better place for its audience.

Our younger ones are the most vulnerable, if we do not identify the dangers and implement the necessary controls that will keep them safe on the world wide web. Simple questions on about their online routine can serve as a control measure. Taking the next step, to educate them about best practices can be another control measure. Whatever your approach, do not leave your minors to explore the web all by themselves because there are several unpleasant activities that go on, on the world wide web.

I am playing my role by sharing this message with you and also asking you to spread the word.

Written by: Alex Offei Lartey, Digital Communications & Marketing Consultant.

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