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5 ways to break the workaholic habit

In our 9 to 5 work culture we often celebrate workaholism. While a hardworking attitude can go a long way in your career, overworking can lead to addictive behavior that can hurt your personal life. Maintaining that work/life balance is a key component to ensuring you lead the healthiest life possible. Perfecting this balance is a major challenge that many modern worker’s face in the pursuit of healthier relationships both inside and outside of the workplace. Let’s take a look at five highly practical ways you can break a workaholic habit.

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Brazil Here We Come Back (To Ghana) A Comedy Of Errors

Duke of Ephesus:

“Merchant of Syracuse, pled no more,

I am not partial to infringe our laws.

The enmity and discord which of late

Sprang from the rancorous outrage of your duke

To merchants, our well – dealing countrymen,

Who wanting guilders to redeem their lives,

Have seal’d his vigorous statutes with their bloods,

Excludes all pity from our threat’ning looks”

The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare.

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Who Goes to Brazil on Glo Ticket?

Road shows for Glo Mobile Ghana’s ‘Let’s Go to Brazil’ promotion which hands out 25 all-expense-paid tickets to Ghanaians to go to Brazil for the World Cup stormed through three regional capitals over the weekend in the company’s attempt to ensure that the majority of Ghanaians get a fair chance of being selected for the sponsored fun trip.

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