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FACEBOOK GUY (FG): Hello ma boss. How are you doing?

PAPA BONDZE (PB): I'm doing alright, thanks. Yourself?

FG: By His grace, I dey. I have really been enjoying the 'Case-Study'
episodes. Learning a lot from people.

PB: That makes the two of us.

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FACEBOOK LADY (FL): I'm on Facebook lately because of the Cases. I
share each day's post on my page, and also with my colleagues at work.
We discuss them on break-hours.

PAPA BONDZE (PB): Thanks for letting me know. How are you doing?

FL: I really do not know; it's complicated.

PB: Try making it simple then.

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In Love With All Four (Case Study 2)

[In a Trotro]

FACEBOOK GUY (FG): Good morning Papa Bondze. I'm sitting in the same Trotro with you.

PAPA BONDZE (PB): Hello... Oh, really?

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Caring for the caregiver -An advocate takes up initiative

According to the Children’s Act 560 of 1998 children have the right to maximum care and protection from all stake holders with government playing a major role.

care 4

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I Need A Man (CASE-STUDY 1)

FACEBOOK LADY (FL): Papa, I don't know how to FIND and KEEP a decent
man. I don't know exactly what's going on with me.

Papa Bondze (PB): Well?

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FACEBOOK LADY (FL): I care so much about my husband, but I am not
excited about him anymore.

PAPA BONDZE (PB): I'm not getting you.

FL: What I'm saying is: I love my husband very much.

PB: Okay?

FL: But I am NOT in love with him anymore

PB: Where did your love run off to?

FL: My marriage stopped giving me the feelings I wanted and expected to have.

PB: Your marriage, meaning- you're part to blame?

FL: Meaning, I feel we've grown differently- and I want different things.

PB: How long have you been married, please?

FL: 13 years.

PB: So, what do you intend to do?

FL: Honestly, I don't know. Everything I have is tied up in my
marriage, but I can't stop thinking about leaving.

PB: After 13 years? How does your husband feel about all this?

FL: I am yet to tell him. He's been lashing out lately- because he
feels I'm not telling him something. He is clearly hurt already; and
news of this nature will break his heart.

I know he loves me but- I'm not happy in this marriage. I am not very
good at explaining my feelings- so I doubt if he really understands
why. I'm just trying to stay calm through this- and not rise to

PB: You have kids?

FL: Three boys and a girl. Knowing it will break their hearts; and
that's the worst part of it. It makes me feel ill.

PB: Have you tried anything like relationship counseling? Would you
consider that?

FL: I've tried that and more: Useless! I've just gotten to the point
where- if I don't leave now, I will be stuck like this for a long
time; and I'm only 35.

PB: I see.

FL: I feel very miserable and trapped in my marriage at present. I'm
always trying to hide my feelings but, I'm tired of the pretense.
We've grown so apart.

PB: Are you in love with another man?

FL: Lol! I wish; but no.

PB: So, what's really eating you up?

FL: My husband doesn't make me happy anymore. No matter how hard
we've tried working at it- the good times aren't good anymore. He
doesn't excite me.

PB: So, how do you reach orgasm during sex?

FL: I fake it.

PB: Why now?

FL: I stay with him for the kids- and also, because financially, I
think I'm screwed.

PB: That's unfair

FL: I know.

PB: As a man, I feel that you've used your husband for the last 13
years of his life- with you.

FL: I feel robbed too, of passion.

PB: Sometimes, I think things need to get a bit worse- to be able to
get a bit better.

FL: Papa, he's a good guy, wonderful dad, great husband; extremely
hard working- and a gentleman. He's thoughtful, fun, my best friend-
which is why I married him.

PB: I see. Tell me more about him.

FL: LOL... Smh. He's tender, caring, sweet, smart... But doesn't turn
me on. The attraction is no longer there.

Lately, I feel like I am attracted to almost any male who shows me
genuine attention, other than my husband.

PB: Do you enjoy sex with him?

FL: There is this friend who is also close to the family- I'm very
attracted to right now. (He doesn't even know about my feelings
towards him)

So, when I need to have sex with my husband, I pretend he is the
other guy. That's the only condition- under which I can really enjoy
sex at home.

PB: Omg!

FL: Yes. Or, I'd just have to think of another person I find
attractive (like yourself, Papa Bondze) in mind, before I can reach
true orgasm.

PB: That's not nice, and he'd be mad if he finds out.

FL: Papa, I feel that my life is just passing me by- if I keep
wasting with my husband.

PB: You feel you're "wasting?" GOD has given you an amazing man- and
you're bailing out on him and the promises that you made to him and

FL: Where is the love?

PB: True love is what GOD sends but- it's up to you to keep it true.
I've had my share in love too, you know?

FL: Tell me about it

PB: Love is what insures that every marriage starts out good. Without
love, there would be no wedding, and certainly no marriage.

FL: I know.

PB: The love I feel, is the catalyst for commitment. But guess what

FL: What?

PB: Love is more than feelings. My feelings have deceived me a few
times. Every marriage, sooner or later- may bump into negative things.
And that's what honest couples discover; that love, no matter how
good, is never enough.

FL: What do you want me to do now?

PB: Do not give up on you. Do not give up on your husband. Do not
give up on your marriage- and family, please! 13 years is not a joke.

FL: Provide me with practical solutions then

PB: I don't have any. Put feet to your faith and feet to your love
for your husband.

FL: But Papa, the feelings of love is no longer there.

PB: I've felt that many times too: but I continue being loving in my actions.

What you do for your husband- do it as unto the LORD, and trust HIM
for the result. Eventually, the feeling should come along for the

FL: It's not easy

PB: I know. Just try to allow your broken feelings to continually
inspire your actions.

I've been in your shoes before. In moments like this, you willingly
ought to allow your actions to create your feelings.

FL: And, how is that done?

PB: Simple! LOVE your husband intentionally.

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Arthur K. writes: The Ebola Crisis

Ebola keeps marching on! 6,500 infected and over 3,000 dead so far.

According to experts, this Ebola outbreak has the potential to become a pandemic (an infectious disease that affects multiple continents).


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FACEBOOK LADY (FL): Papa, I think I am in trouble; BIG time

PAPA BONDZE (PB): Hello to you too. What's the problem?

FL: I'm totally confused

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Mahama can’t lead fight against drugs – Martin Amidu

“In the arts, the critic is the only independent source of information. The rest is advertising.” – Pauline Kael on Criticism.

A Ghana News Agency news report on 21st August 2014 states that: “President John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday promised to use his chairmanship of the Economic Community of West African States to stem the menace of drug trafficking in the sub-region.”


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He's Not On His Kness ... Yet! (Case Study 4)


PAPA BONDZE (PB): Yes. Greetings

FL: Hello. How are you doing?

PB: I am okay.

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The Teaching of the Catholic Church on Suicide

On 24 August 2014, the Catholic Church in Ghana and indeed the whole of Ghana received with great shock the tragic news that Reverend Father Kevin Abakisi, a Roman Catholic priest who was a tutor at the Saint Victor’s Major Seminary at Malshegu in the Tamale Metropolis, had committed suicide by hanging.


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Do I Risk My Life? (Case Study 3)

LADY: Papa, would you date, genuinely commit or marry an HIV+ person?

PAPA BONDZE (PB): Yes, why not?

LADY: Seriously?

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GMO lies and outdated Science

Ghana’s MPs, USAID and its contractors, and their GMO tame scientists all remain committed to passing the Plant Breeders Bill and imposing GMOs on Ghanaian farmers and public. They expect the public to unquestioningly respect this outdated science as if it were the word of God. Those who love and appreciate science know that what is known is never final.


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