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He Is Good To Keep

Men are not easily predicted; just when you think you know them and can predict their next move, they spring a surprise on you which will leave you shaking in the knee. This is the general impression of women on men. While it is not a hard task to predict men, if you can be logical in your approach to things, women most often get it wrong because they mostly tend to look at men through the eyes of emotions.

We, however, leave a few traces of who we are accidentally in our day to day activities and a smart woman can pick these clues, put one and two together and conclude the man is good to keep.

There a few things you may want to measure him by some of which are:

He calls hours before a date is due to cancel with a reason, and a rescheduled date, instead of making you wait forever only to show up undressed

He keeps his mum and sisters where they belong and fairly manages your expectations and theirs

He knows when to be firm and when to let go, with love and a sense of responsibility. He knows an argument is for a solution not a man-woman bout

He does not criticize and leave you to your confusion, but takes you through an alternative solution and reason it out with you so you both negotiate a better way forward

He is willing to help you become the kind of woman you are destined to be, not because he sees a selfish interest in it, but because he is wise enough to know that your purpose in this world is bigger than his fears, insecurities and uncertainties.

He tells his boys, he cannot be there because you are visiting....even if it is just the two of you having to sit on the porch and go through your boring routine

He picks a call from a girlfriend and tell her he is with his woman

He gives you access to his passwords and does not mind telling you to go read a mail and reply for him.

He does not abuse your trust but hold it as a sacred trust and a life worth protecting either for himself of whoever should come after him if destiny does not bind you in marriage

He knows God, fears him and loves his word, and all he does for you is out of reverence for God

He goes to the salon with you to sit by you and enjoy a day of 1001 gossips as they take forever to braid your hair, and then takes you to your seamstress, and your friend whose mum is not well and your uncle who just came from the UK.... if he is willing to be your official chauffeur....

Then don't let him go for all the Sobolo in the world. Men like that few and far apart.

PG Sebastian
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